The Team:

Broken Earth: Games Studio is comprised of six University of Portsmouth students, all bringing their skills and experience together for Super Street Skate.

Marin Mitev

Role: Animator

Favourite Game: Star Craft 2

Why?: Starcraft 2 pretty much has everything I like all bundled into one, aliens, sci-fi and strategy. It might help that Starcraft was one of the first games I ever played, so I might be somewhat biased.

"Ever since I was young I always wanted my drawings to be able to move. Now that I am the Animator for the game Super Street Skate I can make EVERYTHING move!"

Scott Davis

Role: Designer/Programmer

Favourite Game: Mount and Blade: Warband

Why?: The sheer depth and complexity of this game, with all of the interweaving systems and mechanics makes for a mind-blowingly immersive experience. I have lost countless days in my conquest of Calradia. Mod-ability also really opens the game up to completely different experiences

"Having loved the idea of working in games since I was nine, the chance to create my own game from the ground up is an incredible achievement."

Matt Evans

Role: Environmental and Texture Artist

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII

Why?: Quite honestly, the first game I'd ever been emotionally drawn to, that featured anunparalleled level of graphic fidelity (at the time of release), an enormously powerful, and twisting story, exceptional soundtrack, secrets beyond comprehension, and well - Materia

"Since the black and white days, exploring untouched 8-bit worlds on my first memorable games console – The SEGA master system, I’ve always been bewildered at the sheer wizardry involved in the making of those virtual environments; and now to be part of a high level party – as one of those wizards - has been the most gratifying, and enjoyable EXP grind thus far."

Oliver Thauerer

Role: Systems Programmer

Favourite Game: Else Heart.Break()

Why?: Else Heart.Break() is a very interesting game as it uses a in-game programming language as a core part of the gameplay. In the game you can modify the code in objects and environment around you, which creates a very innovative array of ways of solving puzzles. 

Some something I program things and spell words wrong (dyslexia) 

Matthew Whitby

Role: Designer/Artist

Favourite Game: The Stanley Parable

Why?: The more I've researched into game design theory and development, the more I am blown away by the Stanley Parable. The combination of clever witty narrative merged with subverting common expectations within games has in on a pedestal in my eyes.

"Its been tough work diving straight into game development but I've loved every moment of it. Being able to look back at Super Street Skate once is out there and say "Yeah, I helped make that." is what keeps me going!"

Tristan Bampton

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Favourite Game: Total Annihilation

Why?:  Since childhood, Total Annihilation has always been a game that I enjoyed, and as the years passed it remained as one of the best RTS games that I have played. That along with it's incredible soundtrack, makes it my favourite game.

   "Throughout my education I always found science and mathematics Interesting and enjoyable. Then at college when I tried my hand at programming I knew that was what I wanted to get a career in. Now being able to combine my passion of programming with my passion for games is a dream come true."