Kickstarter Campaign - Update

It's been a busy few weeks with a number of cameras darting around the office, we've been interviewed two times for our own campaign and the university. Our trailer has come along nicely and you can see us looking busy in the screenshot above.

Our Kickstarter campaign is literally days around the corner, development has hyped up for some tweaks before we head to MCM London this weekend! We're adding all the last minute particle effects, fixing any glitches/bugs and giving most things a once over with a spit shine!

It is because once we start our Kickstarter/Greenlight campaign we are also release a free short demo! We want everyone to get the chance to play Super Street Skate and give us feedback to actively improve it as we delve even deeper into development!

Watch this space in the next few days for the big updates! Everything is all go for us at Broken Earth. As always, let us know what you guys think! Feel free to leave a comment.


Posted on May 23, 2016 .