Art - Power Logo Creation

 Just four examples of potential powers.

Just four examples of potential powers.

Super Street Skate promises to have a whole host of powers, as any game about super heroes truly should. At any one point throughout the level the player can find themselves stumbling upon one of our powers, as it is stereotypical with rogue-likes it has the potential of replacing one of the powers you already own. Something of a risk/reward balancing act.

We wanted to at least hint at the player what type of power they would be getting, that way through multiple play-through they would learn which powers they enjoy/find effective and make intentional choices. The solution was to have each power in the game correspond to its own icon.

The image above only showcases four different powers, some active and others being passive. I'm not going to go into the details of what each power does because hopefully if I've done my job correctly they should be intrinsically clear. The art style needed to fit with that of the games, I wanted to give each something of a sticker/doodle that someone could place in the public.

Some of the more obscure powers were quite difficult to design, which lead to me having to think a little outside the box. (Not to mention researching into some viking mythology but that's a story to be told another day!) I have somewhere between 50/60 different icons completed and an uncanny amount still left to do!

I will start to slowly show off more and more of the icons further into development, why not try and guess what powers you think I've shown above!

Posted on October 8, 2015 .