Programming - Grinding, First pass.

In Super Street Skate you will have the opportunity to grind along certain obstacles in the map. This will allow you to reach places that you would not otherwise be able to get to, whilst also gaining a speed boost on the rail. Don't worry though you are free to leave the rail at any time by jumping up off of the rail.

The way that grinding currently works is that the player is put into a path-finding state and given a set of nodes to traverse, this allows us to create grind paths that are fun, exciting and that can take place where you may not think possible. To activate grinding you need to get yourself above the object you wish to grind on, then press the grind button (currently 'F'), this will then lock you on your grind path until the end of the rail or when you jump. 

Whilst experimenting with objects to grind on, we put some cars in the scene, and made the player able to grind on them. As you can see the results were interesting to say the least. If you can think of anything else interesting for us to try grinding on please let us know and we will find out what happens.

Posted on October 31, 2015 .